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Is here to help clients improve their FICO scores, protect them from Identity Theft, and Add positive lines of credit that report to ALL 3 Bureaus in 60 days or less.


My FICO Boost, Inc. is a Credit Coaching Firm.

We will help you improve their credit reports and scores

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My FICO Boost Credit Coaching Membership Includes:

1yr. Credit Coaching Membership

  • 1 Year Credit Coaching Membership Plus…
  • FREE 30 MIN Initial Consultation
  • FREE Credit Report and Scores with FREE 30 Day Trial of Credit Monitoring ($14.99 per month thereafter)
  • FREE 1 on 1 Credit Report Analysis with a credit coach every 30 days for 12 months
  • FREE 150 Customizable Credit Repair Letter
  • FREE Step by Step Guide to Inquiry Removal
  • PLUS Additional services are available for a additional price

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1 Year Credit Coaching Membership:

  • A Credit Coach is a credit expert that will explain how credit works, and what drives your FICO scores up or down.
  • Credit Coaching is when you work hand in hand with a credit expert to reach a credit goal for example a higher FICO score.
  • Credit Coaches have insight that the average person does not have pertaining to FICO scores and your overall credit file.
  • Credit Coaches can help you position yourself for a mortgage refinance, a new auto loan, home Equity loan/L.O.C., or perhaps a commercial loan.
  • M.F.B. can assist you in the rebuilding of your credit after emerging from bankruptcies, foreclosures, judgments, and liens.
  • If you have never established credit before and it is your first time establishing credit it is wise to have a credit expert for a guide the first 6 -12 months this helps ensure you build a solid credit history, with no late payment history this will you to reach all of your credit goals.
  • How to manage and/or decrease your DTI (Debt to Income) ratio
  • Credit Coaches are a valuable asset when it comes to rebuilding your credit, just starting out with credit, 1st, 2nd, or 3rd time of repairing your credit.
  • Do it for a better credit future whatever your credit goals are you will get there faster with an expert of My FICO Boost Credit Coach.

Identity Theft Protection Report:

  • Report gives you a snap shot of any other names or address associated with your social security number being used by identity thieves.
  • This report is priceless mainly because so many identity thieves use aliases which make it extremely difficult for law enforcement to locate them.
  • With information like this you can spoil identity thieves plots to utilize your personal social security number to create new identities that will leave you holding the bag for their damages.
  • Protect yourself from would be identity thieves with our identity theft protection report the first one is FREE with your membership any other reports their after are only $29 for members

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Credit Report and Scores 7 DAY TRIAL THEN $14.99 THEREAFTER:

  • Monitoring your credit report allows you to stay on top of your credit on a daily basis. Get all 3 credit reports and all 3 credit scores for FREE with enrollment to a premier credit monitoring service plus a FREE 30 day trial today. $14.99 per month thereafter for the monitoring service allows you to monitor all 3 of your national credit reports daily for key changes! Your FICO score will be updated bimonthly to calculate any new changes. You will be given access to ALL 3 credit reports and ALL 3 scores after you sign-up and create a login and password

1 on 1 Credit Report Analysis Inclusions:

  • Upon membership you will receive an appointment time to call in for your first credit report analysis with a credit coach you will need to provide the credit coach with your login & password.
  • Every 30 Days you can schedule an appointment with a Credit Coach to analyze your credit report through you will need to provide the login & password in order for the credit coach to do the analysis.

150 Customizable Credit Repair Letters:

  • Various forms of the credit bureau dispute letters
  • Follow up letters to the credit bureaus
  • Letters for use in obtaining a mortgage
  • Request to clear up listings with ChexSystems
  • Letters to help you through the entire debt validation process
  • Letters for clearing out judgments
  • Requesting a copy of your FREE credit report when you are turned down for credit
  • Forms for filing lawsuits
  • Form letters to take your name off of mailing lists
  • Letter to credit bureaus to correct bankruptcy listings
  • Credit bureau method of verification procedure requests
  • Lawsuit court documents to sue collection agencies for illegal practices
  • Lawsuit settlement letters
  • Debt settlement letters to send to credit card companies
  • Letters to dispute listings with original creditors
  • Requesting your credit report from alternative credit bureaus/databases
  • and many, many more……

Step by Step Guide to Inquiry Removal:

  • You will receive a guide with step by step instructions on how to remove inquires from either one of the big 3 credit bureaus.

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