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Is here to help clients improve their FICO scores, protect them from Identity Theft, and Add positive lines of credit that report to ALL 3 Bureaus in 60 days or less.


My FICO Boost, Inc. is a Credit Coaching Firm.

We will help you improve their credit reports and scores

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Credit Coaching


FICO Boost Credit Coaching is a personal credit and personal finance education. You will gain a full understanding of  how credit works, how to build it, and most importantly how to protect it.

Budgeting, financial plans, and savings goals are all components of FICO Boost Credit Coaching. After clients of My FICO Boost credit restoration have had derogatory items corrected, deleted, or updated the next step we recommend is often FICO Boost Credit Coaching. FICO Boost Credit Coaching is where clients learn each part of their credit report, what drives each part, and how it effects their overall FICO scores.

Building credit is equally important as credit restoration but it takes time to rebuild on average 12 months. FICO Boost Credit Coaching specializes in building and rebuilding FICO scores. Whether you are a just emerging from bankruptcy, divorce, just turned 18, or never used credit in the past, our FICO Boost Credit Coaching program is a great place to start. We assist you in obtaining new unsecured and secured revolving accounts that report to at least two major credit bureaus. We even assist you in obtaining secured installment or auto loans from banks and lenders.

With FICO Boost Credit Coaching you will receive expert credit report analysis and credit coaching to help you understand how to increase your FICO scores, budget planning, family plans, and savings goals, and Identity Theft Protection from the industry leader for FREE!


Clients of FICO Boost Credit Coaching receive the following:

  • 1 on 1 credit coaching via phone, email, chat, screen-share, or group webinar
  • Learn how debt utilization effects your scores, how to reduce yours, and how to maintain good debt utilization percentages
  • Learn about credit history depth, what is it, how it effects your scores, and why it is important to lenders
  • Learn what lenders are looking for when considering your credit application and understand underwriting processes
  • Learn why 700 FICO scores are not an automatic approval and in some cases they even get declined for new credit
  • Learn what C.L.I. stands for and why you want to get them, and how to shorten the time of getting them from your lender
  • Access our network of new unsecured revolving lines of credit that report to the bureaus with limits from $300 – $10,000
  • Access our network of new secured revolving lines of credit that report to the bureaus with limits from $300 – $10,000
  • Access our network of banks for secured personal loans that report to the bureaus with limits from $500 – $20,000
  • Access our network of auto dealerships that have guaranteed approvals for auto loans on previously owned vehicles
  • Access our network of mortgage brokers who specialize in obtaining home financing for individuals rebuilding their credit

We welcome the opportunity to do the same for you.


Save Hundreds of Dollars monthly and Tens of Thousands of Dollars over the course of a life time.

If you need a reason to join FICO Boost Credit Coaching consider the benefits of having high FICO SCORES and how much you will save over your lifetime because of the lower interest rates you’ll benefit from.

Borrowers with good to excellent FICO SCORES mid 700′s or higher enjoy lower interest rates, lower monthly payments and save tens of thousands of dollars in interest over a lifetime.

Take a look at the bar chart to the left. Notice that the interest rate on a mortgage back in 2003 was almost 3.5% lower for people with excellent credit. 3.5% may not sound like very much, but it is.


For a standard, 30 year fixed rate mortgage, the total interest paid would be $340,587.60 at 5.892%. Whereas at 9.289% on a 30 year fixed rate mortgage the total interest paid balloons to $592,404.00.

You will pay $251,816.40 MORE!!! Has not history proven that it will cost you more to have poor credit than to purchase a membership to My FICO Boost, Inc. and have your credit rebuilt. Stop paying more for the same purchase and save your money for other purchases.

According to a division of Fair Isaac 100 points (750 – 650 FICO score) means you will pay a difference of $111.11 more per month and $40,000 MORE in Interest Payments alone over the life of a 30 year mortgage on a $300,000 home loan. You don’t have to pay these high interest rates if

According to a division of Fair Isaac 100 points (750 – 650 FICO score) will cost you $5,400 more per Auto loan per car a few years ago, you would have paid about 3 percentage points more for a 60-month car loan. Today, that penalty is more than twice as high (6%) the difference significantly inflates the interest you pay for every $25,000 you finance over a lifetime. Be AWARE the cost you pay in interest when you have bad credit is THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS MORE!!.

According to Curtis Arnold of a few years ago, even those with “sub-prime” scores of 620 had a slew of offers. Today in 2010 Credit card issuers have since tightened their lending standards, even more so within the past couple of years which means higher rates and stricter standards for everyone. Whereas before a 720 credit score used to get you the best rates and terms from many issuers, now most require a 750 FICO score. You may have noticed getting a credit card can be tough in today’s economy especially if you are a borrower with FICO Scores below 675. If your FICO (credit) Scores are 675 or lower you will pay $60.00 Or More Per Month for your credit cards.

Lenders usually reserve the best interest rates for borrowers with mid 700′s Credit Scores or FICO Scores of about 750 (which is considered good to excellent) or higher. Borrowers with FICO Scores of 650 (which is considered fair to poor) or less, on the other hand, are considered risky investments and warrant higher interest rates. The ONLY WAY you can benefit from LOWER INTEREST RATES is to get HIGHER FICO SCORES.  We specialize in rebuilding or building FICO Scores. Think of the THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS you will save for making an investment into your financial future.